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Who is Shantell Mcgriff?  

Doing nails came about 10 years ago after one of her great friends suggested she should start doing nails from just playing around on their feet with polish, after a failed marriage, losing her home, and being homeless that can of course cause any individual to be discouraged with trying to find a decent job or even go about moving forward in life, so she thought it was not such a bad idea. Moving forward she got better at it, with daily practice, successful and failed ideas, and trials, and tribulations. In 2015 she was soon contacted by an event coordinator at the American chain of high-end department stores "Macy’s" and started doing remarkable events for them presenting them beautiful nail art. So much has been accomplished in the last 10 years from doing nails, going from moving out of the inner city with her 3 children which did not come easy from her being a single parent, going to school and graduating in 2019 becoming a licensed nail technician, purchasing her dream car (Maserati), and certainly not the last blessing to come, purchasing her first official shop here in the state of Florida.  

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