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What is Forever 22?  
Forever 22 is a nail salon that came to serve our local community with excellence, style, and grace. Even though Forever 22 has grown since its beginning it has a very symbolic meaning behind the name, Shantell initially started with nails and feet being $22 because she wanted to give her clients a nice set without being too expensive because she vividly remembers going to get her nails done whenever she had the chance but did not have much money. As well as her absolute best friend died on their 22nd year of friendship She is most proud of the fact that she built her name and reputation for doing nice nails for an inexpensive and believe it or not she still has $22 sets till this very day that is what set her apart from the others in the beauty industry.

Here are some of the many unique features Ms. McGriff has been in!
Check Her Out !!!

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